Anonymous asked:

how are you doing nowadays?

Well, to be completely honest each day is a bit of a whirlwind. Some days go very well, other days not so much. I am still grieving the recent loss of my mother so I keep trying to stay busy. Sometimes a breakdown here and there is inevitable, however. Still, I’ve had the opportunity to experience a lot of great things within the past 3 weeks alone, and this weekend I’m headed to Paris for my birthday! Overall, things are ok with me. :) Thanks for asking.

Happy to say that Revelry went well! :) I didn’t get any opportunities to see the fashion show or other events since I was selling all day, but it was certainly nice to meet people while I worked my stall. It was also a great starting point to see where I’m at with my work versus where I would like to be. Most other places I’ve sold at are anime conventions, where the demographic is a lot different. Pretty cool! I’ll upload some pics soon, although I didn’t take many. 

Aaaaahhhh tomorrow’s the daaaayyyyy. I am an anxious wreck, and a crappy lolita lol. Wearing my same damn skirt I always wear, not giving a fuck. (Lies, I give a fuck but don’t have anything else in my wardrobe that is fully cohesive… reeeally need black shoes *huff*) Someone take this skirt from me. ;A;